Kathy Santoriello
Cosmetic Gynecology 

An “Ideal” Image

We live in a media-driven society that defines beauty in an extremely small package.  It can be difficult to feel normal or attractive if our dress size is bigger, our breasts are saggier or our cellulite is, well…present.  If that weren’t enough, sexually explicit images have become more mainstream in print ads, television and film, making our once ‘private’ parts not so private.  Barely-there lingerie and extreme grooming afford women today an up close and personal view of themselves. Aesthetic appeal has been taken to a whole new level.


Why Cosmetic Gynecology?

Just as our face and breasts sag or lose tone as part of the normal aging process, so do the female genitalia.  Significant changes in the internal and external structures can also result from childbirth, strenuous exercise, significant weight loss, hereditary factors, disease or injury.  Some women notice that their labia appear too large or asymmetrical, the internal vaginal walls are stretched or their clitoral hood obstructed.  These and other personal issues can result in embarrassment, decreased sensitivity and declining sexual function. Fortunately, there is help. 

Dr. Santoriello has partnered with local plastic surgeons to meet all your cosmetic needs.



In addition to her full gynecological services, Dr. Santoriello offers the

following cosmetic procedures:


Vaginal Rejuvenation
Vaginal Reconstruction
Labia Reduction & Contouring
Vaginal Tightening
Adhesion Removal
Urine Leakage Therapy/Surgery
Pelvic Pain Surgery
Uterine Suspension

Take Charge!

If you have a physical or cosmetic concern that interferes with your comfort, sensation or enjoyment of your body, we invite you to meet Dr. Santoriello.  Her cosmetic procedures can restore muscle tone, strength and aesthetic appeal.  This allows heightened sensation, enhanced intimacy and greater sexual gratification. Enjoy the renewed confidence Dr. Santoriello’s services can provide. 

After all, confidence is sexy!

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